What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a single active ingredient free of silcone, sulfates and parabens. Olaplex repairs the disulfide bonds in the hair that have been damaged through excessive heat & chemical processing. 


How is Olaplex used?

Olaplex can be used two ways, either as a stand alone in-salon treatment to strengthen and repair your hair or Olaplex can be added directly into your colour to prevent further damage, making your hair stronger, healthier & helping your colour last longer.


Will Olaplex stop hair breakage?

Although Olaplex isn't a miracle product, the reduction of breakage is dramatic & usually zero breakage occurs with Olaplex.


What will happen if I only use Olaplex a few times then stop? Will the bands that have been repaired then break?

In a word, NO! Even if you completely stop using Olaplex, the results Olaplex has given is permanent.