Olaplex - Hair colouring may never be the same again!


Introducing Olaplex a NEW revolutionary upgrade service for hair colouring. Olaplex will make your hair stronger, healthier looking and make your colour last longer. Its the only product on the market that will take you from dark to platinum blonde in a day without damaging your hair. Olaplex dramatically reduces breakage from chemical services on all hair types. 

Olaplex can be used two ways, either as a stand alone in-salon treatment to strengthen and repair your hair or Olaplex can be added directly into your colour to prevent further damage, making your hair stronger, healthier & helping your colour last longer.


Ask for Olaplex to be added to your colour or highlights on your next colour appointment. 




Olaplex Stand-Alone Treatment inc. Blow-Dry          £50.00 £45.00
Olaplex Colour Service Upgrade Short Hair £15.00 £15.00
Olaplex Colour Service Upgrade Long Hair  £20.00 £20.00

Good news! You can now take the magic of

Olaplex home with you.

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector - £32.00

By using Olaplex Hair Perfector at home, you continue to strengthen your hair and rebuild broken bonds, helping to maintain the structure, integrity, softness & shine leading up to your next appointment.


Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Before shampooing, wet hair, towel dry and apply Olaplex No.3

2. Process for a minimum of 10-20 minutes, if hair is compromised why not sleep in like Kim Kardashian!

3. Rinse hair, then shampoo & condition as normal